This week we have an important Community Announcement! We’ve scheduled the first event for the new Cloud Management User Group, which is the interactive community built on GetModern principles. We’ve built this community to promote Microsoft Cloud technology in the UK and beyond. We will obviously be focussing on virtual events for now, but will be reintroducing in-person events as soon as it’s safe.

Cloud Management is global; we didn’t see any benefit in restricting the group to a local physical location, given that we’re virtual-only for the first few events at least. Once it’s safe for in-person, we have some exciting plans to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get involved!

We want to encourage everyone to discuss their own experience of Microsoft Cloud Management. Please sign up to our April 13th event and get involved!

You can follow us on:
– Twitter (@cloudmgmtug) (
– LinkedIn (
– Meetup (Cloud Management User Group (London, United Kingdom) | Meetup)

We’re also opening a Call for Speakers next week, which we’ll announce via Twitter and LinkedIn. If you’re interested in sharing some ideas, thoughts or a demo, please get in touch!

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