Wow, the first steps are HARD.

I’ve spent countless hours surveying the landscape, and if I’ve learned anything since Day 1… I hardly know anything at all! There is so so much to learn, and my “to do next” list is getting much longer than I anticipated.

My focus for this post is getting myself set up to learn, play and experiment in the bits of cloud that interest me, whilst delving deeper into the areas that should interest me.

Last week, one of my customers was subject to a ransomware attack which did more damage than it should have been able to. Whilst they’re back up and running, I want to gain as good an understanding as possible of that attack, and similar threats. For at least the next few daysofcloud, I’ll be taking some deep dives into Cyber Security.

I’ve begun by looking at my lab environment (private cloud, so still cloud!). I have to say it’s looking a little old and tired.
My PowerEdge R720 with single CPU (6c) and 24GB RAM has served me well, but it’s definitely time to upgrade.

Current config – PowerEdge R720

eBay was happy to supply a couple of 8c CPUs to switch things up, and I’ll be adding another 24GB RAM to the mix, which will let me move onto my next step, the virtual lab.

Most of my customers are running either Endpoint Manager or ConfigMgr + Endpoint Manager, so that’s where I’ll start. The Windows and Office Deployment Lab Kit will be the next step, fully deploying an array of Contoso-branded VMs that can be attached to my various demo-tenants.

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