So the Festive break is almost over, and it’s time to get back to it.
As mentioned in Day2, my plan for the first few DaysOfCloud is to take a step into cyber security, but with a focus on how this impacts the customers I worked with every day.

I’ve started by installing KALI, as that has all the tools I’ll need to get up and running. I’ll be running Speedify VPN to anonymise my IP, if only so I don’t get banned from google.

where do you start?!

Straight away, KALI offers a long list of pre-installed apps, helpfully grouped and numbered from 01-14. Starting at Information Gathering seems sensible.

KALI – Information Gathering toolkit

Information Gathering is the process of discovering technical and personal information related to a target. These could be IP addresses, hostnames, open ports and services, email addresses, social media handles – the list of information that can be valuable to an attacker is almost endless.

One of the problems with Information Gathering is that it takes time; how does an attacker decide how long to spend trawling the internet for valuable data? Well, the tools in 01 – Information Gathering make that a pretty simple decision, let the tools do the work.

I started with Recon-ng, which is a framework for opensource information gathering. It’s modular, so has the potential to be an incredibly valuable tool for gathering information.

Having also signed up to HackerOne to grab some (legal) targets, I set about gathering some info, which was super simple to work with in recon-web


So there we go; Information successfully Gathered. As you’d expect it’s utterly useless to me, but it’s Gathered nonetheless.

From here, I’ll be working through some of the Recon tools in KALI, before moving onto understanding how to gain Initial Access, and Lateral Movement.

Wish me luck;

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